Mark Fanger, Ed.D., CST, CGP

I offer psychotherapy services with a specialized emphasis on relationship issues and concerns. If you think that your difficulties are rooted in your relationships with others, who you are, or how you feel about yourself, then my relationship based therapeutic approach may be appropriate for you. Rather than emphasizing a diagnostic or single-theory approach, my psychotherapeutic emphasis is on your relationships with others and within yourself.

You may contact me to explore whether we are a good therapeutic match and together, we can decide which approach is best suited for you, and your relationship.

Services Provided

• Individual Psychotherapy
• Couples Therapy
• Couples Sex Therapy
• Interpersonal Group therapy
• Psychotherapy of Sexual Compulsivity or Addiction and those effected or involved
• Pre-Marital Dialogue
• Couples Assessment using Gottman Checkup
• Professional Will Consultation

What Clients Say

…empathetic, sensitive, direct, patient, confidential, lead and follow, respectful, wisdom, personable, boundaried, sense of humor and serious, accessible, collaborative, limit setting, open…authentic and real.